Serving the Iban and Melanau in Mukah and Balingian

After a long wait, the Mukah Balingian Mission Centre by IRM (Iban Revival Ministry) is finally open. Through this centre, IRM hopes to channel much-needed resources to surrounding communities. Plans include to:

• Raise and establish strong Christian communities
• Set up prayer altars at every Christian longhouse/ village
• Identify and nurture believers to lead their people
• Organise more trainings on apologetics, especially among the youths
• Equip believers to reach out and minister to children
• Increase distribution of Iban language bibles and more

IRM is ever grateful to FGB Malaysia and SIBKL. Thanks to the generosity of many, RM35,000 has been raised for the running of the centre. Let’s continue to believe that the Lord of the harvest will fulfil what He said He will do amongst His people.

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