School Of Vision Graduation

44 brothers have completed the School Of Vision (SOV) course. Sessions revolve around books written by FGB founder Demos Shakarian. A big Thank You to bro John Carrette for facilitating the online course from Texas, USA at 2am local time. Bro Lukman from FGBMFI Indonesia delivered the keynote address during the graduation ceremony.

“I feel so enlightened by the stories and incidences related by John Carrette because he was with Demos Shakarian and others at that time. I am inspired to serve the Lord more thru FGB knowing it is His ministry.”
– Bro Lim Lian Hong

“SOV gave me a historical overview of FGBMFI and how we need to carry on with the legacy left by these men of God. It also binds us as one to work together as a single unit to achieve the mission.”
– Bro Samuel Tan

“The teachings brought alive the vision given to Demos Shakarian. All of us are VIPs: Men of Valour, Integrity, and Purpose. May the Lord intensify the vision within us and may we finish well and strong.”
– Bro Erik Lai

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