Malam Pentakosta 2 in Kuching, Sarawak

7 & 8 Sep. The 2 nights of Malam Pentakosta 2 at the Jubilee Grounds, Kuching saw over 50,000 people from Sarawak, Sabah, Indonesia, Brunei & West Malaysia coming for the event. Not even the heavy rain or muddy fields could dampen the peoples’ spirit from coming together in one accord to worship our God and many were healed from their sicknesses.

This interdenominational event is a follow-up event from Malam Pentakosta 1 held in September 2019. The event was jointly supported by Sidang Injil Borneo KL, FGBMF Malaysia and Sarawak churches. Believers from all walks of life came to worship our Lord Jesus Christ and to pray for our beloved state Sarawak and country Malaysia. Praise God for His presence & anointing!

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