National Director for Youth Development 全国青年发展 总监

About Me:

Education & Training

Aaron is the Operations Manager with Increase Association Ministry and represents MP Capital Advisory to help companies with financial restructuring and debt rescheduling. He has been in the Real Estate Business for 26 years. Appointed as the FGB Coordinator for Trailblazers 2021, Aaron was the FGB Coordinator For Bangsar UOA Chapter 2019-2021, former Executive Secretary of FGBMF Malaysia, and also ex-chapter president of PJ Heritage Centre.

His experience in ministry includes 20 years as a Pastor with PJEFC (12 years full-time and 8 as a tent-maker pastor). Aaron spent 4 years with Focus on The Family to develop the “No Apologies” Curriculum, reaching 117,000 students with the message of Abstinence.

Married to Constance, they have 3 grown-up children: Selina and a pair of twins Daniel and David.